Monday, January 9, 2017

The Remaining of Imaginations

The first semester is almost close to the finish line (yay), but so far my classes have been stressful because I have to get ready for the finals and all of those projects to be done by then. While I was battling with PreAp classes for good grades, I have came to my last book for this last coming week after reading 8 books so far! I'm very awed that I never read this much in less than a year since my reading speed has increased up to 13 pages in 9 minutes. The last book that i'm finishing is called Tithe by Holly Black. It's a fantasy novel about a teenager who discovered that she is a magical fairy with a special destiny. Hopefully when this semester ends, I'll be able to read at least 3 more books during new classes, but I'm pretty sure Spanish 3 will ruin that opportunity -_-.

In the following scene story of Tithe, Kyle and Janet are both known together for having imaginary friends since they were little and like to talk about them being fairies. Meanwhile the author portrayed the imagination mostly in Kyle's perspective because Janet grew out of it while Kyle is still having a thing for imaginary fairies. In the scene, Kyle and Janet went through to the abandoned carousel to meet their friends for a little get together event. When Janet is hanging out with her friends, Kyle goes to one of the broken horses in the abandoned carousel. She keeps going through her mind about how her "imaginary friends would have loved this" broken carousel horse, but her past childhood imaginary friends never came when she moved to Philadelphia and the fact that she's growing up, "she felt like she had no imagination left" (13). It's like that having those imaginations keep her mood and self esteem positive, but as she gets older, it almost gets pointless and yet very compelling at her age of 16.

Having imaginary friends is a stage of social development for children at a young age, whether if it's a human, an animal, or even a monster. Although as time goes by, our imaginations turn into a mist of thoughts that seem pointless, which is almost sad if we think about it. Our wild childhood imaginary friends turn into an old museum of thoughts, but for some people it is still a building process of making the museum. For older teenagers, our imaginations go from imaginary friends to future life goal achievements, but for some few teenagers, they have wild imaginations of fairies, meeting their favorite fictional characters, and even monsters. Psychologically older teenagers, and even adults, still have imaginary friends in their remaining life, because it's what aids their situation socially, or they might use imaginary things to cope with social anxieties. It's kind of depressing that there are people out there in the world who still rely on imaginary friends instead of trying to make real friends, but we just have to accept it and remember that that's how their mind works.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Loosing Your Dream

Over the last week my stress roller coaster has hit me because of Reading STAAR test, (I think I'm going to vomit) and lots of disappointing grades. :^) Although my stress is closer to coming into a halt because at this blog date, I am over with that! (thank god...) Except I have to prepare myself for my awful test result and my upcoming assignments. While I was freaking out about this stuff, I shifted my reading speed up to 200 words per 5 minutes! So far I have read 4 books this second half of the semester and continuing on my new book. The book I just started is called Tithe by Holly Black, which is about a girl who is just an ordinary teenager until she notices in her future that she has supernatural powers as a fairy. The book I finish closing is called The Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller.

Willy used to be a successful salesman back in his life. He has traveled all around the country of United States to make fortune for himself and his family. He had made some decent livings though, but not for long now. Willy visited Howard's house to ask Howard a chance to make some fortune in more time, but Howard said that he is busy and thinks that Willy doesn't have a chance to make it up for him. In addition to his words, he said, "you need a good long rest, Willy" (Miller 61), which is a calming way to say "your fired." That sentence Howard spoke brings the hope of Willy's Salesmen career a failure, especially when he has been working for past decades.

This play novel brings a huge tragedy of the Salesmanship by Willy. It shows the wave of depression that hits Willy's self-esteem of his life that made him quite suicidal. What's best about this play is that the author established the realistic consequences of an employee's mental state facing the failure of their position. Clinical Depression is very common in employee's world of success. They are very ambitious of making great livings and becoming rich for their wish, which makes them work as hard as they can to achieve it. Although if their position has been removed and got themselves fired, their hope of achievements has been scrapped off which leaves them hopeless and labeling themselves failures. Mostly their thoughts have become suicidal, which is very similar to what occurred in Willy's. That's why some careers may have to settle down their harshness towards their employees' standards.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trust or Fame

In the second nine weeks, I had made a new reading goal: reading at least 3 books, including a AP book list. So far in this semester I have read 7 books and starting to read a new one. I just completed reading a fiction novel called, Lynn Visible by Julia DeVillers. It is about a socially awkward girl who has a very unique fashion taste and somehow got invited into a magazine company for clothing advertisement. It is more of a chick flick book and easy-to-read novel but it got me very interested in reading this. I am going to read Kill The Boy Band by Goldy Moldavsky, which is also a fiction book about a group of fangirls kidnapping a band member at their hotel room. I am also planning to read an AP book after I read that, hopefully I can able to read and comprehend that book I am about to read next!

In Lynn Visible, Lynn is hosting the School Fashion show at her high school because of the encouragement of the famous fashion company. When Lynn is about to put the clothes on modelers, the business woman showed Lynn the advertisement which is not what Lynn actually created. In addition, the business woman said that the shoe, which Lynn designed, is only for girls who wants to be cool. Although in response, Lynn taunted, "I created the shoe because I was happy being me. Your ad campaign says the opposite. It doesn't matter who you are, just wear the shoe to be cool" (Devillers, pg 244). This is the reason why being a designer is such a risky part of inspiration. Whenever you design an object and want to spread it around the world by selling it and making a campaign of it, there is always a misconception of the purpose of that object. Additionally with that misconception, the spread of false information affects the designers' self-esteem and inspiration. In contrast to much more bigger downfall, they might put so much potential into their creation but the market field decides to remove that potential and make it more fitting into their believes; which is the much opposite of what the creator believes, as a result of being regretful of being recognized. People being famous is much as stressful as an office worker, but most majority of the normal citizens failed to recognize it.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Harrassing for self esteem...

My book reading goal is going smooth so far. I have read 3 books so far in my book log and my reading rate has increased! I could possibly read 12 pages in 10 minutes with a book that has tiny fonts. I have read over 160 pages in a nonfiction book this past 2 weeks. The book that I'm close to finishing is called, Queer by Kathy Belge and Marke Bieschke. It is a very informational nonfiction book about LGBT stuff. So my goal is to read at least 30 minutes before bedtime, so I can get some urge to sleep well. Though thanks to technology, I couldn't stop staring at my iPhone. -_-

In chapter 4, Rising Above: How to Overcome Queerphobia, the author is talking about the violence of LGBT that has been a conflict for queer people all around the world. She said that people are bullying victims that haven't done anything wrong to anyone other than bullies themselves. She said that people are attacking queer people because they aren't one of the non-LGBT people and also that "people are cruel to others is because they are afraid of what they don't know" (83). I found that line very easy to relate to in my time because that has been happening all the time in my social and school life. I was known as the anti-black girl because I don't have the stereotype of the African American people in school in general. I was one of the highest ranked student in 9th grade that the students of my race, who have dangerously lower grades than I do, harass me and call me whitey and other bad slangs at me. I don't know why they try to push me down negatively but they didn't know that I actually tried so hard to get good grades like studying instead of just getting good grades. If they know me as a hard worker, then they won't use me as a punching bag, because getting good results in test is actually very difficult to do as a high schooler.

When people bully others, they don't have anything else in their mind other than jealousy/hate. They're trying to impress the group of people by hurting victims who are special in some way. They're afraid that the victim is much more excellent and good that it puts the bully's self esteem down like a drain. In relation to LGBT issues, queer people are targeted due to that other people don't even actually know about the victims other than the fact that they are not straight or transgender. Similarly, they might be jealous because they are much more "special" than themselves because of support they got through history of abuse and harassments. Which is why people need to know more about people around you other than pushing them that far. Just like pouring random acid into a chemical without actually knowing the chemical reaction of it.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Taping the book review

I'm having a hard time reaching my reading goal due to personal reasons such as; wanting not to have a bad grades in my classes and other stuffs. I know that shouldn't be an excuse as I plan on meeting and exceeding my goals by spending 15 minutes every day reading and in addition to finish a book in 2 weeks. I'll plan on  reading books from different genres that I have not be able to read before, and to be improve on my grammar , and also to read a non fiction book. I read a book yesterday called The Tight-Rope Walkers by David Almond.  It was a very interesting book but I slowly drifted off through the middle of the story, so instead of getting lost I abandoned it after 72 pages. The book i'm ready right now is called Emmy and Oliver by Robin Benway, it's my first fiction romance book and the best part is that it matched my reading level. I'm not getting a grasp of it yet because, i really am not a fan  of romance novels, though  the diction of the novel quite make it easier for me to read and comprehend the plot it.

In the story, the main character named Emmy has a crush on Oliver, a boy in her school. When they were younger, she got a note in class  from Oliver where he expressed how much he liked her, By the time she got out of class,  to meet up Oliver to tell him that liked her also he was leaving, as  Benway inserted this scenario, "He's already ahead of her, through, running toward the cool sports car and his dad. "Oliver!" she cries. "Oliver, wait!" But it's too late. Oliver is already in his dad's car. And he's gone." (3) This sentence builds a very upsetting tone about Emmy's relationship between him and her. It brings a short yet very powerful and blank visual that shows how desperate Emmy wanted him back. Also the fact that it creates the short memory scene of her and Oliver, it made it like she will never see him ever again because of the suspension between their relationship. She doesn't know what happened after Oliver left, yet she feels very connected to him, which creates a cliff hanger scenery. We have those moments when we heard about a missing victim in real world. Things can happen like this because we don't know what exactly made those victims missing, other than the fact that they're "gone." It can often create anxiety and much depression if someone's love ones, friend, or family member went missing because they are so connected that they'll risk their life to get them back, but yet they don't know where did they went. It's a heart wrenching moment because they couldn't find them or know what happen them, are they being tortured, kidnapped, lost, or even worse, dead ? This book has made me think about those moments though I have never or nor do I pray that I experience that, how people cope with their missing loved ones, and the fight to find them as soon as possible.

Friday, September 2, 2016

The Magic of Reading ^-^

Greetings reader! My name is Brianna Onyegbunwa, the student of Hebron High School... except until April 2017... I am a huge fan of reading books and magazines or anything that has words. I'm known as a nerd in my family because I keep getting good grades and love to learn new stuff everyday. But one thing that they didn't know about me is that I read often, if I have any free time during school week (which is unlikely possible because i have mountains of chemistry homework :^) ) When I was first introduced to reading chapter books, I started to not like reading books, but now I am being more interested in books because I started reading one thick book that matches my reading level! Plus reading also helped improve my vocabulary and communication skills, it's like my social medicine, except it doesn't taste bad! :D

My goals for this semester is to read at least 4-5 books. It sounded a lot to me at first but as time goes on, i'll get use to reading at least 2 chapters per day. I'm planning myself to read 30 minutes everyday until i ran out of books to read. I'll get ready to read The Lord of the Flies by William Golding and a nonfiction book that has to do with health and society! I'm also getting ready to read two AP books from the list, which sounds very interesting to read them! ^-^ One thing that help me to read more is that this isn't a classroom assignment, this is your own hobby and you get your own free time during the break and outside of school! :D